Adrien, an attractive dancer whose career was shattered by a motorbike accident, wastes his youth in the laziness of the French Riviera, where he is looked after by Martha, a former movie star. Adrien’s life is turned upside down when he meets Margot, a captivating beauty who lives for the thrill of scams and romantic entanglements. Together, they fantasise about a better life and set up a diabolical scheme, an emotional masquerade.

142 Minutes
10 03, Friday
Nicolas Bedos, Virginie Le Pionnier, César Chabrol, Léa-Jade Horlier, Pauline Jabes, Tiffany Keu, Antonin Virapin
Comedy, Romance, Crime
Bruno Raffaelli, Christiane Millet, Laura Morante, Emmanuelle Devos, Marine Vacth, Isabelle Adjani, Louise Ribiere, Radostina Rogliano, François Cluzet, James Wilby, Pierre Niney, Charles Berling, Nicolas Briançon, Ludovic Coutaud, Yann Lerat, Franck Neckebrock, Amini Cishugi, Philippe Enquin, Sophie Hardy, Zoé Fauconnet, Albert Goldberg, Geoffroy Boutan, Ary Gabison, Catherine Chevallier, Charlie Nelson, Daniel Hanssens, Ava Quentin Dekic, Magali Bonat, Xavier Thiam, Arturo Giusi, Marie Zabukovec, Philippe Uchan, Eric Marcel, Elie Kaempfen


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