Uncle Claus

When you've stopped to believe in Santa Claus and when you least expect someone to help you, you can meet your Uncle Claus, slept on a bus stop. A child dreams to have a family. Man, dressed as Santa Claus, must understand who he is indeed. Taxi driver, master of the improvised lie, a girl, ready to do anything in chasing her dream, a beautiful waitress, street musicians - a gambler, a drunkard and headstrong old man, - the mistress of the Danish Prince and even the president and the prime minister are all involved in an avalanche of comic situations, which could make you cry and laugh at the same moment. Each of the characters is searching for what he or she is longing - family, forgiveness, love, compassion, friendship. There's no way their wished not to come true - it's enough they to believe in Uncle Claus. This film is a contemporary fairy tale, in which everyone can find something for itself. Sometimes the Christmas miracles are absurd, but it's possible exactly the absurds to be the most beautiful Christmas miracle.

119 Minutes
23 12, Friday
Comedy, Romance
Malin Krastev, Phillip Avramov, Simona Halacheva, Anya Pencheva


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