What if Cheburashka really exists? What if he is not a plush toy, but quite a real furry animal that lives in an orange grove in a distant country? What if he finds himself in a small town by the sea and meets an uncommunicative old man who does not need him at all, meets a little boy who cannot speak, and his mother, who makes amazing chocolate, meets a strange aunt who wants to buy it and give it to her unsympathetic granddaughter, and many, many other people.

113 Minutes
26 05, Friday
Dmitriy Dyachenko
Comedy, Family
Sergey Garmash, Olga Kuzmina, Polina Maksimova, Fyodor Dobronravov, Sergey Lavygin, Elena Yakovleva, Dmitry Lysenkov, Sofya Zaika, Ilya Kondratenko, Eva Smirnova, Zhannat Kerimbaev, Natalya Shchukina, Olivier Siou, Artyom Bystrov, Marina Konyashkina, Arseny Fogelev, Konstantin Fadeev, Alisa Mynay, Lev Malishava, Erik Yaralov, Mikhail Grishchenko, Artem Bocharov, Yan Novikov, Aleksandr Anoprikov, Aleksandr Makarshin, Evgeniy Buslakov, Svetlana Iozefiy, Tatyana Mitienko


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